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Social media manager role, What is it like to work as a social media manager role?

 Social media manager role

Inside Out: Meet Social Media Associate Pete Timmons role

Hey, next month, another member of the Algi team is here for you.

I know you've met Fernanda Lowell, Shannon Donovan, Marie Mitchell, Catherine La McChee, Nadine Shalan, Cahill Trokami, Britney Laughlin, Sam Bod, Alison Beto, Carolina Capriel, Michelle Ai, Frank Sheppard and Tate Camp before. Are Is

In this edition of InsideDrift, I want to introduce you to Pete Thompson, the mastermind behind all our social media accounts. Pete joined LG before the epidemic as part of our video team, but when he got the chance to join the social team, he jumped on the bandwagon. Since then, many of our major initiatives have included revision growth, a new look for our website, book launches, and more.

Ready to meet the stomach? let's go

Editor's note: The following has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Caitlin Martins: We'll start with an easy one! Can you tell me a little bit about your work at Drift?

Pete Timmons: I manage social media strategy, posting, and community engagement. I am promoting my team's amazing content, products and announcements to my community in an authentic and valuable way.

Caitlin: You usually look the same nowadays, and what has changed since we started working from afar?

Pete: I start by using my blogs, events, webinars, and more to research relevant social content, researching my everyday trends, and using those insights. As many of us know, things are changing fast in 2020, so scheduling ahead is not always the best way. Once my posts are scheduled, I block two hours in the morning to engage with my class and have meaningful conversations with them. In the middle of the day when I take a lunch break, walk a mile or more, then come back and check in with your community for another two hours. The rest of my day, I jump into meetings with the team, participate in webinars on marketing and social media, report on social media data or research trends that can influence my social media strategy.

It's really funny, I was away from the first week, I started running Algae's social media. Before that, I was on Drift's video team.

Caitlin: The workforce has been growing with social media for thousands of years. How is running a corporate social media account different from handling our personal accounts?

Pete: It's not really that different. The same honesty, empathy and authenticity should be used in running a corporate social media account as in a personal social media account. At the end of the day, our job as social media managers is to create something that is not human (a brand) and make it human in our community. You do this by providing a ton of value to your audience and writing to your liking.

Caitlin: What is your favorite social campaign you're on role?

Pete: I like the campaign that we ran with Feeding America since the beginning of the epidemic. It was hard to see so many families without food, and I'm proud that by promoting Drift Insider and providing financial support to the United States, our community has made a real difference in many lives.

I was also a big fan of our Thanksgiving talk generator Uncle Larry Boutot

Caitlin: How has your long path helped you in your professional development?

Pete: I never liked to read before I grew up. During undergraduate and graduate school, I studied hard but never read a book cover to cover - I just left them. Since joining Drift, I have been interested in reading because of the Drift Book Club, a program where Drift will send us a free book on the community reading list once a month. This resource has allowed me to read, learn and practice directly from my character.

Here are my three favorite books from DriftBook Club:

Caitlin: What's interesting about you role?

Pete: I was torn between going to school and studying marketing after high school. I love the kitchen that started when I was really young and growing up. My favorite thing is the Caesar Salad with Chicken Romano.

Caitlin: Did you take any hobbies during the quarantine or did you discover any hidden abilities role?

Pat: As I read more, I start writing more. I always wanted to just sit down and start writing, but he never really had the time. Now that I'm at home and have more time on my hands, I like to write because it helps me deal with the world around me and what I've learned or seen in a day / week.

Caitlin: What is your favorite part about working in Drift?

Pete: Team. I work in the industry every day with some of the most talented marketers, sales people, customer professionals, product specialists, and more. At Drift, people really care about each other, and that's reflected in us as a company.

Caitlin: Finally, what advice do you have for advanced candidates?

Stomach: Be yourself. At Drift, there are lots of amazing personalities and stories throughout the company, and it's exciting to be part of that team. You have a unique idea and we can't wait to hear it.

Want to join Pete on Drift's marketing team? We are hiring. See our open characters here.

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Social Media Manager role Review

Based on 688 responses, the social media manager's job rating was 3.73 out of 5. On average, social media managers are very satisfied with their job.

Q: What is it like to work as a social media manager role?

February 2019


Social Media Manager at Bee Cave:

Pros: No traffic, close to everything.

October 2020

"Creative Social Media Marketer."

Social Media Manager in Arlington:

Profession: Working with all different groups of people and listening to other perspectives.

cons: Employees are not appreciated. No growth. Much less than the average salary.

December 2013

Social Media Manager role:

Profession: I enjoy the flexibility of the job. Although it's hard to keep 24/7 on my cell phone, I'm glad that when I need time to perform on stage (I'm a singer) I challenge myself to be creative and innovative when it comes to creating posts. Enjoy And engage with the audience. cons: I don't enjoy working in the office. I feel pressured by the environment, and I enjoy my job when I'm away. Sometimes it is difficult to manage effectively because the job can be so

December 2013

Profession: It's fun, spending time on the internet, trolling.

Opportunities: Spending time on the Internet with an MSc. Degree

January 2014

"Does not matter."

Profession: Flexibility and managing your time.

Cons: Working from home, weekends and evenings.

March 2014

"I wish I had an advertising and journalism degree."

Social Media Manager role:

Be well rounded up with a complete marketing background - not just social media - specializing in web design and development, email marketing, etc.

June 2014

"Lots of personalities and lots of hats."

Profession: Connecting original content, interacting with people in the online community, flexibility, freedom.cons: The internet never sleeps. I spend a great deal of time sitting around.

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Social media management role  that makes a difference!


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