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5 Macro B2B Marketing Trends To Watch In 2021

  5 Macro B2B Marketing Trends To Watch In 2021

As we approach the end of 2020, it's time to take a look at the main business-to-business marketing trends for next year. Following a trend from previous years, 2021 will see a steady evolution of many B2B marketing trends compared to recent years, and will have a major impact on the growing influence of B2C marketing. So will macro trends have the biggest impact on firms in the coming year? Here is a list of five Macro B2B marketing trends to look at in 2021.

1. Digital (marketing) acceleration

It can be said that in many ways, there really is no such thing as digital marketing anymore - it's just marketing in the digital world. And the events of 2020 have spurred a growing trend towards digital and digital consumption - which has been evolving for many years now - leading to a significant increase in consumer demand. There are a number of factors behind this, including a massive change in the productivity of the workforce and the rapid pace of change as a result of technological advances.

With that in mind, 2021 will see that when it comes to marketing and sales, the majority of B2B firms (which don't already exist) will actually embrace the philosophy of digital first and digital centralization. And it will run what is called digital acceleration. This acceleration of digital tactics and channels will already include many things in the B2B Marketer's toolkit, with more emphasis and intention.

Here are some examples of what this acceleration will look like.

Video has become the dominant tool. Cisco Research estimates that by 2022, online video will account for more than 82% of all users' Internet traffic - 15 times more than in 2017. B2B companies have not yet fully exploited the power of video, but hope to replace it. In 2021. B2B buyers want video content and search for video content at every step of the buyer's journey. Vologs, team introductions, product or service demonstrations, explanations and tutorials and client success stories are just some of the latest videos that B2B marketers should invest in.

Virtual Events After every 2020 conference and trade show code 19 closes in March 2020, virtual events change instantly. No matter what happens in the fight against epidemics, virtual events are here to stay. See their popularity to grow in 2021, but also to become more hybrid in nature. See also This

brings TV production into a virtual environment and transforms it into a broadcast. This means that in order to run virtual events smoothly, the level of investment must be personally close to the level at which they are addressed. This year's Adobe Max conference is just one example of what this production standard looks like.

SEO and SEM Organic and Paid Search is certainly not new to B2B marketers, but the rise in digital consumption and the growing importance of corporate websites have helped B2B marketers in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Help provided. More interest is forcing them to invest heavily. ) Like their B2C counterparts. With the advent of SEO, marketers are moving towards content strategy and real motivation for both on-page and off-page SEO strategies. There is also a growing emphasis on semantic search, search intent and voice search, as search engines and user behaviors evolve. And like SEO, SEM and PPC will be incorporated into many online marketing strategies or will only play a big role in driving website traffic.

Marketing Automation and Email Marketing Marketing automation was all the rage in the early 2010s, but it seems to be over as the decade draws to a close. Although many B2B marketers signed up for the software, the actual adoption and successful implementation was not as extensive as expected in the industry. But there will be a return to marketing automation, and software sales are expected to double in the next five years (6.08B to 16.87B). Other trends such as personal privatization, account-based marketing (see # 4), retention marketing and similar marketing automation and email marketing will dominate the B2B marketing strategy.

2. AI Power Marketing

It is almost impossible to reduce the impact of AI on our lives. This is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and will lead to far-reaching changes, such as mechanization, mass production, and the advent of automation.As far as marketing is concerned, some organizations use AI for marketing and sales: less than one in five. However, two-thirds of business-to-business marketers plan, evaluate or implement marketing or sales initiatives based on artificial intelligence. AI can make marketers more efficient and smart by providing better insights, faster analysis and simplification of routine tasks.

Here are just a few examples of AI-driven marketing trends.

Client Insights AI products have become increasingly specialized in analyzing unstructured data such as images, video and audio. For example, the course provides copies of recorded cell calls and audio analysis to provide insights on improving messaging, improving customer service, and increasing workforce productivity. Other AI companies, such as Effecta, are working on a solution to measure a

person's voice and emotional tone so that marketers know that cell calls are met with excitement or interest and arrive in real time. Can be deleted

Personality Insight Crystal is a Chrome extension that analyzes millions of online data points and diagnostic tools to show the personality of a prospect, customer or co-worker on your LinkedIn profile so you can interact with them more efficiently. کرسکیں۔ گلن۔ Be able to communicate until he or she gives you a coach to use it or avoid it.

Buyer-intended data Buyer-intended data helps identify people who are currently on the market for your solution, such as searching for specific keywords or visiting your site or a competitor's site. To do Based on Marketing campaigns can then be tailored to their interests and deployed to engage them based on predictive insights into their phase of the shopping journey. AI Generated Content AI content tools such as Market Music help you plan, research, create, and optimize relevant, authoritative, and helpful content. These tools will show you where there are opportunities for topics that are of interest to the audience but are not covered by your competitors. It can then create the first draft that can be refined and edited, saving you time in research and writing.

Predictive analytics and lead scoring predictive analytics use historical data to predict future outcomes. Platforms like Montego, Infir, and others use AI to identify and prioritize your best leaders.

Repetitive task acceleration AI can also be used to help speed up repetitive tasks. Otter is an AI-driven transcription application used to capture meeting notes. Once the meeting is complete, we can easily extract important information for obscure or inaccurate terms with minimal

5 Macro B2B Marketing Trends To Watch In 2021

3. Agile approach to marketing

Although active marketing is an encouraging approach through software developers, long-term advocates and advocates, the 2020 events focus on marketing in virtually every industry to take a closer look at the benefits of adopting an agile approach. ۔ By default, slip marketing is based on the "80%" principle. Ongoing reforms will increase market prices instead of completing the measurement before it is completed. And according to Merkel's research, 85% of marketers plan to increase agile usage over the next two years.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your B2B marketing.

Customer centricity Customer centricity transcends customer experience (CX) measures, which are the key to gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage. An agile mindset will drive marketers to make the customer's necessary (or even more fundamental) influence in the planning, operations, products, services, marketing and sales activities of the firm. Customer centricity will be a major metaphorical change, as it transforms marketing from an internal perspective to an external one. Experience The kind of experiments, innovation and repetition we see during this year's epidemic are agile thinking. Today's tumultuous market demands agility from high-growth firms that want to thrive and thrive despite troubled times. This means responding quickly to customer needs or making sudden changes in operational and marketing. Agile thinking encourages firms not to be afraid to try something that will fail them in their quest for growth and success.

Testing and optimization marketing also places a high value on testing and monitoring. Campaigns or initiatives are always in beta mode, marketers closely monitor the data and make necessary improvements along the way. AA / B testing and multivariate testing to improve campaign effectiveness can now be leveraged across a variety of channels, such as email, landing pages and websites, advertising and social media. Improving the name of the game permanently never stops improving. In an uncertain future and ever-changing economy, focusing on high-value marketing initiatives, while prioritizing continuous improvement, will ensure the best return on your marketing efforts. Even successful endeavors can always be improved.

the account. Account-Based Marketing Dominates (ABM)

5 Macro B2B Marketing Trends To Watch In 2021

Over the years, we've seen ABM move from word to word in a fundamental way of transforming customer success, sales and marketing teams into fully revenue generators. However, in 2020, a small percentage of firms are doing ABM at a higher level. According to Terminus Research, 8% are still in pilot mode and 43% are in the early stages of implementation. But only 13 say their sales and marketing teams are fully integrated into their ABM program. In 2021, B2B companies seek ABM to become the leading company strategy.

Here are just a few examples of ABM trends and effects to look at.

Focusing on revenue One of the things that is increasing ABM's adoption on a large scale is that it is constantly moving away from attracting large-scale leads focused on increasing revenue. The economic impact of COVID is accelerating as budgets tighten and companies' revenues shift to customer-oriented programs to protect their existing revenue Customer Retention ABM is not just about getting new customers. It's a way to keep the customer. As the documentation shows, it takes more effort (and budget) to get a new user than to nurture and maintain an existing user. From boarding to racing fans, existing customers can take advantage of ABM's strategy with personalized access.

Sales / marketing integration has not only made alignment in B2B circles controversial over the years, but has also forced ABM to integrate marketing and sales, not just communication. For ABM's "ground and expansion" mindset, internal teams need to know not only what everyone is doing, but also real integration and marketing and sales initiatives. Should also be kept together. Work on

 5 Macro B2B Marketing Trends To Watch In 2021

5. Buyer eligibility

In a survey of more than 250 BBC users, Gartner found that 77% described their shopping experience as extremely complex or difficult. B2B buyers have changed and are more self-guided. B2B buyers are demanding more personalized experiences, and the truth is that buyers now control the shopping journey, not marketing, marketing and business development.


Buyer eligibility has become an antidote to these and other issues, summarizing sales capabilities and turning the script around completely. Just as the ability to sell helps the seller to sell, so the ability to buy by providing goods and support also helps better buyers make better decisions and makes navigating and completing the purchase process easier. Helping B2B firms take advantage of buyer engagement strategies to gain their attention, gain their trust, and ultimately close sales. Create customer-oriented content. Create content that informs and informs your prospects and clients. Content creation should aim to help buyers make better informed decisions, while also demonstrating real expertise and building authority. Or as Beer puts it: "Stop trying to be amazing and work."

 5 Macro B2B Marketing Trends To Watch In 2021

Make Your Website a Strong Resource for Buyers In today's digital first world, a firm's website is their most valuable marketing asset. And buyers in the first world, it is also their most valuable selling tool because it plays an increasingly important role in the buying process. But does your website include numerous content titles and formats that are of interest to and used by buyers at all stages of the buyer's journey? Making your firm's website a strong resource for buyers requires a content strategy that focuses more on what the buyer finds on your site, and at least that's what Your firm wants to have a website. To reduce any conflict as well as reduce buyer travel, the Customer Experience (CX) program develops travel maps to identify virtually every touch point that buyers receive from the seller firm. does. Compete with Buyer's Eligibility When looking for answers on a trip, the buyer usually tries to minimize all these conflicts. To reduce friction, many, many, B2B firms have stopped referring to all or most of the content. It is also important to offer different ways to connect opportunities, such as phone, email, live chat, social media and some forms of


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