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The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming A Badass Digital Marketing Freelancer

 The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming A Badass Digital Marketing Freelancer

Ever thought about becoming a digital marketing freelancer? Get started, you never thought - "What's next?" Don't worry, it's normal to ask about your career, we're all always searching for something better. And for marketers, there are so many options to choose from. We can become the head of the marketing department in a cool brand, be part of an agency, join a startup, start our own agency, become a marketing consultant or join a freelance digital marketing. Or Are They all having good and bad resources, which we will probably discuss in the next post because for now, we are focusing on the latter.

I will tell you about Freelance Digital Marketing as an amazing choice because it gives you the opportunity to grow professionally, develop new skills, expand your network and love your job. ۔ Amazing choice

We will cover this piece.

What does it mean to be an freelance digital marketer?

What is the daily routine of a freelance digital marketer?

What skills are needed?

What are the income expectations?

How can anyone become a better freelancer?

What is a freelance digital marketer?

You may be surprised when I tell you that it can happen from anywhere. It could be an 18-year or 40-year technical engineering career. Freelancing in itself is a lifestyle that anyone can adopt at any point in their life and career and it doesn't matter if you are from your past, school, jobs, or companies where you go. Are I am a big believer that anyone can do marketing. And please don't blame him. I mean, when I graduated from college, I knew very little about the world of marketing. But through Google, I've learned everything, from reading blogs, to learning from online community experts, influencers, podcasters, agencies, CEOs and social media managers working in employees. Yeah, Al, that sounds kind of shitty, doesn't sound like BT either.

I talked to all the people I could learn from.

I started sharing my experience with them. And started taking courses - because once again with the help of dozens of courses like internet marketing and social media, dozens of people could be saved.

And that's the best part of it.

A freelance digital marketer is a professional with a wide range of skills ranging from content and copywriting to social media, search engine optimization, ad creation, building websites, strategy building, and design. Digital marketers are all over the Internet - engaging in online communities, engaging in conversations on LinkedIn, sharing great content on Facebook and anything to help their clients reach their goals (sales, productivity). To do Try leads, meetings, calls). Marketers in particular need to avoid Internet thieves and stay in touch with the world. To make your internet surfing safer, just follow these recommendations: Use a VPN - this ensures that you protect your identity online, ensures that your software Software updates, use a unique password for your accounts, access the phone or restore your access. Email address. Set up an account and go one step further by setting up two-step verification.

 If you think about the advantages and disadvantages of freelance digital marketing.

Digital marketers like these can sometimes work for themselves, travel around the world, save on travel and make unnecessary appointments that you can make through the online conference call platform. At the same time, sometimes they struggle to work alone.

What are the benefits of working in digital freelance marketing?

Stay where you want (Bali, Hong Kong or Sydney)

Make your schedule and get ready to be your own boss!

Save time and money on daily commute

Enjoy a different office every day - choose any coffee shop or work place or a place that resembles an office

Choose customers and plans on which you will spend your time

Why not stay in freelance digital marketing?

There is no fixed salary. You need to reduce the number and make sure you are earning enough.

No benefits to any company, such as health insurance, 401K, free gym membership, etc.

You are an accountant, writer, designer, and analyst - male (husband) show, sometimes it gets too much

Trouble on all sides! Netflix, bed, food.

What is digital freelance?

When working as a digital marketing freelancer - learning becomes a daily thing, because as I said before - it's a male (female) show. There are many responsibilities and tasks to perform, and they vary from client to client.

Any digital freelance can learn everything from Photoshop to web design or HTML. Which of course. Made the video a thrill overnight.

Now, let's think about this day how it feels in this profession:

1. Develop a digital marketing strategy

2. Send monthly reports to clients using free marketing templates

3. Set up KPI

4. Write blog posts

5. Create PDFs, eBooks, presentations, or any other promotional material

6. Design case studies

7. Start a podcast (here's a list for inspiration) or a webinar

8. An infographic design

9. Write newsletters

10. Copywriting for the website

11. Marketing Fireplace Construction

12. Learn marketing concepts

13. Improve conversions and CTA

14. Create a social media calendar

15. Hold a webinar

16. Design a Website (and Make Money from It)

17. Stay active in relevant online communities

18. Meet a client to discuss the next steps

19. Create Facebook or Google ads

20. Search Engine Optimization

21. Create backlinks for website authority

22. Improving website speed

23. Sales call

24. Ship meeting for new customers

I know this may sound cool, but there are dozens of production tools out there for better results. If you are looking for a digital marketing freelancer, you can use the above list to help you create the perfect job description and meet the needs of your ideal candidate.

Do I have to say something by tweeting this article and tagging it on Twitter (Wild Class)?

 What should a digital marketing freelancer specialize in?

OL, adjust your expectations. Freelancers sometimes do a lot of things in circles and do multitasking like never before. This sometimes leads to a situation where everything is in chaos. A half-written tweet, a few paragraphs of the article, some pieces of design left in the trash, a client meeting that starts at 10 minutes and wraps everything up. There is so much to learn in freelance marketing. You can learn all kinds of skills or become an expert in marketing by choosing to do something. Also, keep an eye out for marketing patterns.

Email Marketing

Some of us really hate emails, relatives and newsletters. And that's why marketers have to learn the magic of creating the perfect newsletter, emailing, outreach messages, or product updates. This is a very important skill. As an email marketing freelancer, you will greatly improve your copywriting skills that will be useful in other areas of your freelance work.

Here are some basic things to look for when selecting yours.

Ask for consent to receive emails (Remember GDPR?)

Find the perfect tool to work with (Ninja Outreach, Mail Champ, Email Octopus, etc.).

Get the best title (some tips here)

Write a good copy of the email

Make sure you have a strong CTA

Always follow (up to 5 times)

If people are inactive, clear your list

I find these email newsletter examples very useful if you are looking for inspiration.

Pro Tip: Even the best written marketing email can run until it reaches the recipient's inbox. Fortunately, free spam checker tools like MailGuins ensure that your marketing emails are lost rather than lost in the spam folder.

Content Marketing and SEO

If you are wrapped up in words and typing at the speed of light, skip this section. Content marketing is everywhere. From billboards to Amazon products, articles, websites. This is, in my opinion, a very useful skill for any digital marketing freelancer, as any of them should be able to produce an excellent copy. Did you know that 82.57% is the open rate of welcome emails? This is a great opportunity to engage your customers with the perfect sailing pitch.

For more information on content marketing, I suggest checking this piece with Ink. If you want to go deeper, I suggest you sign up for Planable Academy. Upgrade your content marketing OS. You will learn from 20 experts who are at the forefront of content creation and workflow management. In each of the 6 chapters, you will dive deeper into each step of the flow of modern content work. Finally, you will find clear instructions on what to do next. The best part? it's free.

Also, you can use some SEO tools that can help you in this process such as ahraf, seamrsh, srending, moz, linkio.

SEO means linking to other blogs, ranking on the first page of Google, improving the speed of your website and gaining permanent access to the website. It's hard work, but it pays very little. 500 $ / monthAnalysis

I'm not a data geek myself, but in the world of digital marketing, you have to measure everything. That is the best we can do, and that should be the end of it. Ideally, your analytics approach should be divided into three phases - data capture, analysis and interpretation. Making data-driven decisions should be one of the most important pillars and values ​​of every marketer.

Through the Google Analytics Academy, you can learn analytics through free online courses, learn about Google's measurement tools so you can grow your client's business through intelligent data collection and analysis.

Additionally, here's a great piece of Link Humans - the best guide to analytics in digital marketing.

Facebook, Google ads and social media

Facebook's ad manager is amazing, but many small businesses and brands find it extremely complex. And that's where you get into the game. Many brands offer someone to manage their advertising. Find out and it's definitely not a full time job.

I would say monitor the ads and make sure you improve them permanently. Also, learn more about emotional analytics to understand how to improve your advertising.

I fully understand the fear of facing the dragon. The first time I looked at the ad manager, I saw it as a complex puzzle, and I just started digging holes. After a bit of research, I figured out where to start, found the best points, and then chose it as a key platform for my marketing strategy.

You don't need to know how to advertise advertising courses. It's all online. The trick is to create good ads. In the process of learning, I suggest you create a fake page, you put a few cents in it and keep playing with all the available ad forms. There is no such thing as practice when developing new skills.

You need to master both design and copywriting to understand how you are targeting your audience, their desires, needs, problems and how you solve them. ۔ You need to convert your audience into visitors to the website and then pay the users. Facebook Blueprint is a great resource if you want to learn how to advertise. If you want to know more about Google Advertising, here is a great resource.

 Where you can find the best freelance digital marketing job

An independent company is not an ordinary employee in a company. They can easily choose any type of customer depending on the required budget and job. Digital marketers provide independent terms and advice for working independently. And many of them find their next client on one of the following platforms.



LinkedIn Jobs


Clear the voice market

Media Bistro


People per hour

Remote oak

99 designs

When you want to apply for a job, have a good profile, a good profile picture and a personal message. This will greatly increase your chances. I suggest you read this piece. Oh, and don't worry about the logistics for the payment - there are tools like bonsai to help.

 What is the salary of a freelance marketer?

LinkedIn has recently introduced a new way to help its customers and companies in the recruitment process by showing salaries in countries, positions and cities. This LinkedIn shows the open role statistics and salary limits available on these jobs. Numbers are provided either by employers or based on data provided by members. This tool can be adjusted to reflect a professional's experience, skills, level of education, company size, industry and location.

We can see that based on the 1205 responses submitted by LinkedIn members in the United States, the average salary for a digital marketing manager is 72,000 / year, ranging from 45K to 2,102k. There is a limit.

Digital Marketing Specialist - 51,000 / year

Online Marketing Manager - 77,000 / year

Director Digital Marketing - 110,000 / year

Digital Marketing Consultant - 70,000 / year

Social Media Manager -, 53,500 / year

With the help of these numbers, you can get the desired hourly / monthly rate for yourself.

Let's see what Glasdor says:

Digital Marketing Manager K77K

Digital Marketing Specialist $ 67K

Online Marketing K 37K

Online Marketing Manager K71K

SEO $ 57K

What should you do

Step 1: Install software, such as Dix Soup / Matt Leonard

Step 2: Choose the people you want to reach using LinkedIn Search

Step 3: View the AutoView profile using the tools above

Step 4: Step 3 (with private message) Contact people automatically

Step 5: Scrap their email using or FindThatLead

Step 6: Send them a personal email (take care of GDPR! If they are in Europe, don't do that

Step 7: Follow LinkedIn and Email

Step 8: Set up a meeting

2. Improve your LinkedIn profile with the best keywords and descriptions

As I mentioned, LinkedIn is an amazing place for new customers as well as dozens of other markets. Make sure you refine your LinkedIn profile with all the necessary details to target the categories of your desired users.

Some tips to improve your profile

Complete each section

Make sure you have a professional headshot. This will improve your chances of seeing your profile with 14x

Add an impressive server image (you talk to a program, guide someone, or work)

Ask friends and contacts to verify your abilities

Generate an invalid URL

Get recommendations from past clients

Search engine optimization with keywords that match your description, for example - Digital Marketing Freelance, SEO Expert

Showcase your past work, clients, results and numbers!

If you're lucky enough, people will see your profile, your headshot, cover photo, and caption. Now they're reading your bio, checking your website, and looking to connect. the roof! Great work.

LinkedIn is your landing page for these new users.

Be specific in explaining what you do, and how you can help other people!

3. Bring for free

Generosity is another secret to the world of digital marketing. It's time-consuming, but it's really worthwhile. Visit several Facebook / LinkedIn groups (or your profile) and offer to help people with any marketing issues (you know). The following is a sample message.

“Hey, great community!

I'm John, a digital marketing specialist with over 5 years of experience and I'm here to help. I would like to offer 20 minutes of free advice on how to improve my website and social media marketing strategy.

Interested? Leave a comment below. "

After that, you already have a lot of leads and a lot of people who can recommend you or introduce you to other companies that need professionals like you.

Conversation) Join the conversation

Give feedback to people you think can improve your Facebook Company page or Instagram profile. Just go there and text them with a few things so they can better access your product and exchange directly. Like many brands, there are many mistakes, such as:

Incorrect profile description

There is no CTA on this page

Low quality profile picture

No attractive image

Lack of communication

Bad ads

They have a great opportunity to tell you how you can help, share some tips and introduce yourself in the message. If they are interested in learning more, schedule a call and offer your services.

5. Join Facebook groups

Over the years, I've seen scrolls on Facebook groups. Position yourself as an independent digital marketing consultant and make sure everyone understands it. You can start by sharing the latest social media news on social media of which you are a part. That way, your name will pop up more than anyone else. You can also search for the best Facebook groups for business people and potentially find new clients there.

You can also write an e-book (as I recently published on Building Future Marketing Teams) and share it in various Facebook groups or guest posts. This is a way to gather leads and follow your service offerings.

Another idea that takes time but yields good results is to start your course on a popular platform such as Admi or Skill Sharing. In addition to proving your abilities and gaining credibility, you need to know about people. , Will gain opportunities as a speaker or interviewer, and standard alumni can move beyond channel marketing strategies.

How to work easily with your clients

When it comes to social media collaboration, your app is worth it.

5 Tips to Find Your Next Client as a Digital Marketer

1. View Profile → Connected Email Access to Email Follow Follow

This is my favorite hex. So, what's the story? You can find your next client on LinkedIn, as it is a growing platform aimed exclusively at professionals and has over 300M users worldwide.

Save time

Time is money. Especially for freelancers. With Cleaner Inboxes in one place, all users will enjoy the original productivity and performance of each new system.

Be more productive

With each new client you hire, the need for communication increases, and inefficiencies along the way waste more time. With a well thought out plan, you can choose the hours you spend with client feedback and keep your day organized. With Google Docs and Emails, the days will get even harder. You might check the email in the morning, receiving 20 different messages with the same client feedback asking you to check this and that. It will never come at the right time.

I always say that marketers do not pay much attention to the operational aspect of things. We always postpone looking at this issue because we are very busy and because this is not an interesting project. The right workflow, however, can change the way any digital marketing freelance operates.

Secure Client Management

When clients work on the wrong process and setup, the wrong collision is a huge risk. Losing pieces of information and feedback can lead to frustration on both sides. These scattered messages make you feel guilty and defeated and the client feels that they are not being treated responsibly.

Clients should not misunderstand and understand how complicated it can be for a freelancer to manage more than one brand at a time. With good planning, everything is central because it's all in one place. Clients know this is a place to vote and they are happy with it.

So, could this be your way? If so, the big news won't stop. Now there is a free plan. Sign up here and light up your freelance work.

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